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Eczema Treatment


Eczema is the phrase for a group of skin conditions that can impact your skin by causing it to become irritated, inflamed, and reddish in appearance.

Symptoms can arise on various parts of the skin/body (including your face, arms, on the backs of the legs, wrists and even scalp area) it can also come and go throughout a person’s life.

This is called ‘flare-ups’, however, most often, eczema presents in kids and will go away as the child becomes older. Nevertheless, it can remain through adulthood. Eczema is not transmissible, and you cannot catch it from somebody.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Triggers Eczema?

The exact triggers of eczema are still unknown. However, it is thought it can be a mixture of considerations such as heredities, an autoimmune response, as well as a skin function. Because of this, eczema can be seen within families.

It’s also linked with other conditions such as allergies or even asthma. There are a few known things that can cause eczema flare ups, including skin irritants. It’s important to know possible triggers so they can be avoided.

Treatment For Eczema

While there isn’t a remedy for eczema, you can find relief from different treatments. However, these treatments can vary depending on your symptoms as well as the type of eczema.

There are many kinds of Eczema:

  • Dyshidrotic eczema
  • Nummular eczema
  • Seborrheic
  • Stasis

They can come with different treatment possibilities, so you should be sure to talk about your options with Dr. Porter. A lot of times, over-the-counter treatments as well as prescriptive medications can help diminish your symptoms. What also can be used as well is a medical-grade skincare routine.

Eczema Care

Living with eczema can be challenging and often can require a lot of different measures. For this purpose, it’s important to discuss with the doctor how best to manage symptoms. As well as medications to control flareups and suggested medical-grade products to help keep skin healthy. You should also have written down anything that may be your specific triggers.

Some frequent triggers consist of:

  • Dryness
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Varying temperatures (Extreme hot/cold)
  • Seasonal changes/allergies

For some, eczema can be a condition that extends their lifetime, so it’s crucial to understand what steps to take to prevent your triggers/flare-ups.