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SRT – Superficial Radiation Therapy


The non-invasive, surgical alternative treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer.

State-of-the-art Sensus SRT-100 Vision; its Superficial Radio Therapy that sees before it treats SRT delivers optimum results without the negative side effects of invasive treatments.

This is ideal for patients who want to avoid surgery or have existing medical conditions that make surgery a serious health risk. Excellent results. FDA Approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Radiation Dangerous?

SRT’s Delivery of Radiation is FDA Approved and standards and guidelines in place that both keep you safe and prevent any kind of damage to eyes, skin etc. and with the SRT it’s superficial treatment so it is a small area being treated at a time.

Will I Lose My Hair?

With the SRT’s radiation delivery the only time you may lose any hair would be if the scalp itself is needing the treatment. If you are receiving treatment anywhere else (i.e., hands, legs etc.) you will not have hair loss as a side effect.

Will I End Up Exhausted All The Time?

SRT is minimally invasive and is only used to treat the specific area effected and as a result. Does not cause body exhaustion typically associated with radiation treatment because the treatment is localized to the affected area only.

What we provide you with is protection for both your body and eyes – for example, we use a thyroid shield to protect your thyroid, a lead apron to protect your lungs, and lead shields to protect the eyes as well. What we want you to know is your safety comes first and we would never offer a treatment that compromised you in any way. SRT’s capabilities are quite frankly outstanding – it allows you to get your treatment without scarring and compromising your quality of life.