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Chemical Peels


Scarring from Acne, dead or dull skin, fine lines, skin discoloration usually from sun damage are all skin worries that impact so many.

Chemical Peels are a go-to treatment that helps address the above skin concerns and more.

As we age, one of the things that changes is cellular turnover which keeps skin glowing. When this happens, it shows up as dull skin, congested skin, and fine lines. It also will allow melasma damage from the sun to be present.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels help revitalize skin by eliminating dead skin cells and dirt, leaving skin smoother and brighter. Chemical peels usually classified according to strength—fall into three categories: light, moderate, and deep. These peels use different acids to aid in reaching your skin goals.

Treatment involves the application of a chemical solution either to face, neck, chest, or hands. The solution will penetrate and exfoliate skin, eliminating bacteria and buildup. Clients will often feel a slight tingling sensation with a peel.

With light to moderate peels, you can expect little to no downtime aside from a slight peeling in the upcoming days. Your skin may also be sensitive and pinkish during the recovery period following. You should avoid direct sun, as skin will be very photosensitive and exposure to it can cause hyperpigmentation.

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